ThoughtSpot Beyond 2020 Conference
A Visually Dynamic Event, Open for Everyone


ThoughtSpot’s annual Beyond Conference gathers top visionaries, thought leaders, and Fortune 500 executives from the world of data analytics. For ThoughtSpot, Beyond is a moment for the leading analytics company to communicate their forward-thinking approach to product innovation and the power of their sophisticated technology.

A shift from in-person to a virtual event in 2020 meant the conference branding and energy would need to be magnetic enough to engage thousands of conference attendees joining online from around the world. Not only that, the experience would need to be a dynamic representation of the ThoughtSpot brand at present.





Our team's intimate understanding of the ThoughtSpot brand allowed us to swiftly make smart design decisions, moving in parallel with broadcast production efforts. Our experience with television meant we could work deftly within a compressed timeline, anticipating the functional and aesthetic needs of animated elements. 

The opening animation sets the stage for the conference experience, depicting the journey of AI-powered analytics on the way to form a mighty alliance with the cloud. Coordinating speaker intros and bumpers further usher conference themes throughout the programming and punctuate ThoughtSpot’s position as a company driving the future of analytics.

"As soon as people saw the opening the emotional impact was obvious. And that transfers into their opinion of us as a brand." 

- Scott Holden, ThoughtSpot CMO



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The full visual language system ties together long and short-form ads, transition graphics, persona animations, lower thirds and several intro animations. Our work, propelled by complete trust from the ThoughtSpot team, helped preserve the energy and inventive nature of Beyond as it evolved to meet the unique challenges of 2020.


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