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Introducing our project with McGraw-Hill: a motion-led brand system that communicates their new disciplines and practices. Leveraging character animation, we designed a series of explainer videos that make complex concepts clear and relatable. Debuting at SXSW EDU and adapted for digital channels, our design system ensures consistency while entertaining and educating viewers cross-channel.
Client: McGraw Hill Education
Services: Brand Marketing, Advertising
Year: 2017

"Leftchannel did a wonderful job of helping us visually represent the key focus areas to provide clarity and message alignment in a unique, succinct fashion."


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A Mechanism for Understanding

The learning system is made up of several parts that work in harmony to provide benefits to instructors and students. It was important to show those different parts as well as the interconnectivity of the system as a whole. We imagined the learning system as a modular city, with inner workings as the pathways to customized learning solutions.

Key elements from the Learning Science program, like content, insights, and technology, come together in clear and simple forms. The information is sorted then delivered to students in meaningful ways, showing the personalization of the product. Educators, once dealing with the complexities of teaching, see students engaged with more effective curricula.

Following the initial piece, we broke out individual segments of learning science into subsequent videos—each working to educate and entertain by transforming technical ideas into approachable and relatable scenarios.

Fun Symbols of Learning

The presentation is cohesive across each of the animations, with elements repeating throughout. Simple geometric shapes represent different forms of learning and distinguish between raw and useful pieces of information. Unique character styling, ownable to the brand, creates identifiable scenarios that punctuate the meaning behind technical features. Simplicity in design brings clarity to interwoven themes.

The result is a set of playful and memorable pieces that spark curiosity and illustrate the high-end thinking behind McGraw Hill Learning Science.



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