HIMSS21 Conference:
Elevating the Overall Perception of the Healthtech Brand 

HIMSS21 Conference Open

HIMSS is an innovative member association focused on leveraging information and technology to transform the health ecosystem. After the pandemic disrupted 2020 plans, additional weight rested on their 2021 conference. Not only was it an opportunity for HIMSS to re-engage their core audience, HIMSS21 would also be their first hybrid conference and first time introducing a refreshed HIMSS brand.

“We reached out to leftchannel to help us meld the storytelling and brand narrative that we were looking for. Not only did they hit the mark, they exceeded it.” – Ryan Keller, Creative Director at HIMSS

Past conferences often felt fragmented. HIMSS engaged leftchannel for help creating a more cohesive experience that would elevate the overall perception of the brand. With multiple ways to engage and several narratives to consider, our strategy centered on distributing brand elements and the conference theme in a unified way.


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Putting people at the center of the story was essential and tied in with the larger conference theme, Be The Change. This thread ran throughout a collection of content, from an expansive timeline journey to a heroic show open to a robust 45-min Awards Gala. We constructed each piece to work in harmony, working to visually reinforce the HIMSS brand and portray momentum while also acknowledging 60 years of innovation.

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  • Accelerate Logo

The sense of progression continues through the logo animation and product launch videos for HIMSS’ one-of-a-kind healthcare community platform, Accelerate. Taking the broad strokes of what makes Accelerate special, we designed the motion branding to show a sense of forward movement and clarity in a complicated world. Complimentary video pieces build on these themes, with patterns of information migrating from complex environments to more specific forms.

The collection developed for Accelerate translates across a variety of marketing applications, highlighting the platform’s ease of use and ability to bring an industry together around common objectives.

“Loved the videos for HIMSS this year. I have been part of the conference for somewhere around 22 years and the videos were the best I have seen! On brand. Beautiful. Meaningful. Wow - impressive.” – Terri, Classic Color

Our work with HIMSS on the 2021 Conference wrapped a sense of prestige around the brand and made attendees feel part of the HIMSS community, whether in-person across three Vegas locations or joining online from various parts of the world. The HIMSS team has emphasized this is the way forward for their conference experience and we continue to work with them on what’s ahead.