Motion Branding + Launch Video

Typeface, a San Francisco-based generative AI company, sought leftchannel's expertise in motion branding for the launch of their innovative AI app, designed for revolutionizing enterprise content creation. Typeface, backed by industry-leading investors and known for its cutting-edge AI technology, needed a launch video that reflected their forward-thinking ethos.

Our task was to craft a
motion graphics video that not only introduced Typeface’s brand but also communicated the app's transformative impact on video marketing and brand strategy. The challenge was to convey complex AI functionalities in an accessible, engaging way. The project went beyond typical video advertising, aiming to showcase the app's impact on video marketing.

The result was a persuasive and dynamic narrative that effectively communicated Typeface's capabilities. The result is a powerful combination of a visually compelling sales video and a tech demo that effectively translates complex technological concepts in an entertaining manner.

  • parallax TypeFace DreamBig

  • Typeface Launch Video 2

“Leftchannel helped us craft an inspiring video that not only introduced our brand to the world, but also effectively communicated the value of our platform for enterprise content creation," said Vishal Sood, Head of Product at Typeface. “The video represents a foundational marketing asset for our brand.”

Typeface reported they had an overwhelmingly positive response to their launch with thousands of companies registering for their waitlist and strong demand from leading enterprises and digital-native brands.