Thoughtspot Brand in Motion

Client: Thoughtspot
Services: Brand in motion
Year: 2019 - 2023

ThoughtSpot, Inc. is a technology company that produces business-intelligence analytics search software. Founded in 2012, ThoughtSpot had raised over $500 million in funding (as of May 2019), putting the company into unicorn territory with a valuation of  $4.2 billion.

In 2019, we embarked on a partnership with ThoughtSpot, a company already known for its sophisticated and modern visual identity. This identity, grounded in the principles of data visualization, clean typography, and vibrant colors, set a strong foundation for conveying their technical edge. However, our analysis revealed an opportunity to elevate their narrative and online presence through motion.


We were tasked to evolve ThoughtSpot’s visual brand into a comprehensive motion branding system. This strategy aimed to not just highlight technical features but to illustrate the benefits from a client-focused perspective. By expanding their brand with a new illustration style and motion elements, we aimed to tell a more relatable story of solutions overcoming challenges.

This narrative was brought to life through carefully crafted environments and characters, enriching ThoughtSpot’s storytelling with a human touch. The incorporation of motion branding served as a key differentiator, making complex technologies feel approachable and engaging.

A flexible system

Over the following four years, our work led to the creation of a distinctive brand system that resonated strongly within the industry, influencing broader communication trends. From initial marketing assets to comprehensive visual strategies across ads, website assets, and conference designs, our efforts significantly elevated ThoughtSpot’s brand presence.

The introduction of motion helped transform ThoughtSpot’s software perception, making it not only user-friendly but also emphasizing the smart, underlying technology. This shift was reflected in ThoughtSpot’s remarkable valuation growth from $1.9 billion to $4.2 billion, highlighting the impact of a well-rounded visual and motion strategy.



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