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Engaging Banking Professionals with Character-Driven Stories. Moton branding in action
Client: Thoughtspot
Services: Motion Branding, Brand Strategy, Video Advertising
Year: 2020
Entertaining and Relatable Data Visualization with Motion Branding

ThoughtSpot, renowned for its AI-driven software, simplifies data exploration and analysis. Despite its user-friendly platform, the realm of data analytics can appear daunting. Our collaboration with ThoughtSpot, especially during their annual Beyond Conference, set the stage for a new project aimed at refining their messaging and making the value of their platform clearer and more engaging through motion graphics video and animated brand elements.

Customized Approach for the Banking Sector

Identifying the banking industry as a prime candidate for ThoughtSpot’s technology, we tackled the challenge: How do we make ThoughtSpot’s solutions immediately recognizable as essential tools for banking professionals? Our strategy involved in-depth research into how AI-powered analytics could revolutionize client services in banking. Armed with insights and a solid grasp of ThoughtSpot’s brand strategy, we ventured to enhance the brand identity with character animation, enabling more human-centered narratives and a versatile brand in motion system.

Engaging Banking Professionals with Character-Driven Stories

After fine-tuning brand, tone and personality, we launched a two-part digital campaign. This initiative included a video advertising spot paired with a comprehensive demo, both featuring the newly introduced character animations to underscore ThoughtSpot’s advanced banking intelligence solutions. These elements combined to form an impactful campaign, with each piece designed to stand strong on its own or together.

“Leftchannel is fantastic for us. The work and how it represents the Thoughtspot brand has not only exceeded my expectations for a partnership like this, it simply makes me happy in a way that is hard to qualify.”

Scott Holden, CMO

Expanding the Strategy Across Multiple Verticals

The success of our approach in the banking sector led ThoughtSpot to extend this strategy across multiple verticals. We applied the same motion branding techniques to cover diverse topics such as marketing, ERP, medical applications, and even complex areas like cloud analytics. Each campaign was tailored to highlight the specific benefits of ThoughtSpot’s solutions within these fields, using engaging visuals and character-driven stories to make the technology approachable and relatable. The consistent application of this motion brand system across various industries not only reinforced ThoughtSpot’s position as a leader in data analytics but also demonstrated the versatility and effectiveness of a well-executed brand campaign strategy.

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