CENTENE Corporate Lobby Experience
Delivering an Interactive Story Rooted in Brand Purpose


Centene, a Fortune 50 company, is the largest Medicaid managed care organization in the U.S. But even with its size and expansive reach, Centene's mission has remained anchored to the idea of improving the health of communities one individual at a time. When Centene asked us to help tell their story, we knew it should center around this key part of their purpose—its collective impact on the lives of individuals. 

Our challenge was to create a moment within the Centene corporate lobby that would speak to the company's journey from humble beginnings to a leading healthcare enterprise. To create an experience worthy of thirty years of healthcare innovation, we considered not only the fundamental pillars of the brand, but also different visitor types and their respective journeys. 

With a single, large format LED screen as our canvas, we re-imagined Centene's timeline as three distinct zones. Each zone, representing Centene's origins, impact, and vision for the future, comes to life through proximity-triggered, interactive motion graphics. 

Ambient digital content moves in an elegant, omnipresent nature until activated. Visual cues then animate parallel with passers-by, moving toward them as though magnetized, drawing them into the story. As the narrative for the activated zone unfolds, vignettes take the viewer from a macro view of the larger organization to a spotlight on individual contributions. The recurring effect creates a visual connection back to Centene’s brand attributes. 

Similar to Centene's focus on the individual, singular moments come together to form a story more significant than its parts. The entire experience, from content design and pace to proximity behavior and hyper-directional audio, was thoughtfully crafted to make the viewer feel that their presence is important—that they are now a meaningful part of Centene's journey. 

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