We help companies evolve their brand into motion​

What is Motion Identity?​

Motion Graphics Identity is the modern evolution of brand representation, transcending static logos by using dynamic animations and visual storytelling. 


It captures attention, conveys personality, and ensures a brand is not just seen but felt. 


In a world where first impressions matter, Motion Graphics Identity is the key to making a lasting impact. 


We extend brand ecosystems through motion identities, systems, and applications, creating a holistic brand experience.

Brand in motion​

We build motion systems and identities for the modern landscape of video led communication. 

We evolve existing brand systems into dynamic motion, leveraging their strengths and augmenting when necessary. 

We leverage 25 years of experience to build collaborative

A brand is a system that becomes bigger than the sum of it’s parts

All elements must work together consistently, intentionally, and efficiently.

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