Beyond 2019 Conference

Elevating Engagement through Visual Stories
Client: ThoughtSpot
Services: Experiential, Entertainment, Brand Marketing
Year: 2019

ThoughtSpot’s annual Beyond Conference is a pivotal gathering for global data analytics leaders. The 2019 conference, held in-person, was a crucial platform for ThoughtSpot to showcase their leadership in search and AI-driven analytics. The event aimed to communicate their progressive approach to product innovation and the impact of their advanced technology.

In-person conference engagement was at the heart of our strategy. The second iteration of the annual conference demanded an elevated experience. Our objective was to engage attendees deeply, leaving a lasting impression of ThoughtSpot’s innovative edge. We focused on motion design and animation to translate complex data analytics concepts into a more relatable form.

experiential thoughtspot beyond 2019 04

Conceptualizing for clarity and consistency, our team at Leftchannel opted for a kaleidoscopic theme in our event graphics package. This approach allowed us to simplify the intricate subject of data visualization into a cohesive, visually appealing format, ensuring consistency across conference content.

The kaleidoscopic imagery served as a metaphor in our storytelling, drawing attendees into an abstract data world. The conference’s tone and theme were set through animated wayfinding and welcome content, culminating in the highlight of our work – the opening title.

The show open took attendees on a vibrant journey through a data universe, building excitement and anticipation. We aimed to bring order and simplicity to the often chaotic realm of data, mirroring the essence of ThoughtSpot’s products. Additional content in the conference graphics package further emphasized the event’s theme and ThoughtSpot’s brand innovation.

Our in-depth understanding of the ThoughtSpot brand, cultivated through a longstanding relationship, enabled us to represent their identity with a premium, consistent visual language. This approach not only reinforced ThoughtSpot’s position in the data analytics sector but also conveys that data is accessible and understandable . Our expertise in motion brand translation allowed us to effectively convey the significance of ThoughtSpot’s visualization tools, bolstering their brand and aiding in growth marketing.


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