ThoughtSpot: Beyond 2019 Data Analytics Conference

Creating Trust and Reinforcing The Brand 

ThoughtSpot’s annual Beyond Conference is an opportunity for the world’s top data analytics visionaries, thought leaders, and Fortune 500 executives to gather for four days of learning and inspiration. For ThoughtSpot, the Beyond conference is a moment for the leader in search and AI-driven analytics to communicate their forward-thinking approach to product innovation and the power of their sophisticated technology.

A Lasting Impression 

As the second year of the annual conference, the objective was to level-up the previous year’s event, elevating the conference experience for the sophisticated audience. The goal was to not only engage the attendees, but to leave a lasting impression of ThoughtSpot’s innovation. Specifically, we took the opportunity to utilize motion design and animation to enhance the way in which the audience perceived a complex subject.


Concepting for Clarity and Consistency 

The leftchannel team chose to conceptualize a theme and animated graphics language through the use of kaleidoscopes. This graphics system helped us visually translate the complicated subject of data visualization into simple, organized form and also establish the consistency across the conference content.

  • K graphic 01 00077
  • K graphic 02 00047
  • K Graphic 04 00027
  • 2298 kaleidoscope07

Purposeful Motion Design

The goal of the content design was to tell a meaningful and energetic story. We immerse the audience in an abstract world of data using kaleidoscopes as the metaphor. Our wayfinding and welcoming animated content established the theme and tone of the conference. Then, with all eyes on the main stage screen, we kicked-off the conference with the hero of the graphics package, the opening title. 

We took the audience on a spirited journey through a universe of data building excitement for what's ahead. We brought clarity, simplicity and organization to a complicated and chaotic world of data: the essence of what ThoughtSpot's products do. Other supporting content in the graphics package further reinforced the conference theme and the innovation of the ThoughtSpot brand.

Overview / Process Breakdown: 

Simplifying The complex

The leftchannel team has a deep understanding of the ThoughtSpot brand, which has been built through a trusting relationship over time. This understanding allows us to effectively represent the brand with a consistent and premium visual design language that reinforces ThoughtSpot's leadership in the data analytics industry. It's no secret that data can be complex and difficult to understand, but with ThoughtSpot’s SaaS, it is transformed into an understandable and accessible format. The leftchannel team's expertise in brand translation and thorough understanding of ThoughtSpot's products allows us to effectively communicate the value of these visualization tools to potential customers. This results in a stronger brand and helps drive growth marketing for ThoughtSpot.

  • Thoughtspot BRoll Montage v2
  • Column Mockup
  • Welcome Signage
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