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Toughtspot Modern
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For the latest in our ongoing work with ThoughtSpot, we were trusted with a critical objective; communicating the company’s evolution from AI-driven software to being the core of the Modern Analytics Cloud.

Bringing this ambitious positioning to life meant telling multiple interconnected stories at once. Differing elements would need to be organized into a recognizable and fluid system of information.

We considered the metaphor of a city, with its diversity of moving parts and characters working together, as a representation of ThoughtSpot’s ecosystem of interactive data and apps. Using the brand’s versatile family of motion elements, we created a space where best-of-breed technologies plug and play with ThoughtSpot’s search and AI engines. Data and app capabilities surge and are processed through ThoughtSpot for consumption. Users in the connected data analytics world quickly and easily access the insights they need and turn those insights into productive actions.

The final video works to provide clear and relatable view of ThoughtSpot’s value while noting their transformation. Our relationship with ThoughtSpot enabled us to conceptualize and design a piece that aligns with their current marketing goals and acknowledges their growth and innovation.



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