ThoughtSpot Beyond 21

Reimagining the Virtual Conference Format

After years of working with ThoughtSpot on both in-person and virtual versions of their annual Beyond conference, we saw an opportunity to rethink the virtual event format and deliver a more engaging Beyond 21 experience.

Building Excitement for the Conference 

From promotional video assets through show open, we built excitement for Beyond 21 with the same fervor as for a large in-person conference. The opening title design launches the viewer into an imaginary world of analytics, over rolling hills of data integration, on to a universe where actionable insights exist at their fingertips. The symbolism reinforces ThoughtSpot’s core benefits and introduces the overarching conference theme.

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  • Promo 01

Enhancing the Traditional Speaker Model

In the traditional virtual conference format, information is often flat, relying on slides or disconnected moments that sacrifice entertainment. Our approach to Beyond 21 was to better blend the familiar speaker setup of in-person events with a dynamic visual framework that would allow information and entertainment to co-exist in a seamless digital environment. 

In this reinvented format, speakers are not only part of the graphic language, they can employ it to explain complex materials, share layered and engaging stories, and bring the attendee closer to abstract concepts. This strategy allowed us to give virtual Beyond 21 content a physical presence, making ideas feel more real and relatable.

  • Storyboard Style Frames 211029 15 v2
  • Storyboard Style Frames 211029 20 04
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  • 2393 ThoughtSpot Beyond21 H264 211114 Section01 v1 0 44 07 10

Giving Abstract Ideas Clarity and Life

Supporting elements became more than just a list of things. Traditionally static diagrams and schematic graphics were redesigned as visuals with motion and dimension. The way visuals come into view, the choreography of speaker and graphics, punctuate the meaning of important content segments.

  • Confernce Styleframe 01 v3

An Innovative Path Forward

The result is a seamless virtual event experience better at capturing the resonant nature of in-person conferences and more centralized within the moment. A digital experience for ThoughtSpot now means the ability to take attendees from high-level to granular without sacrificing entertainment value. It means the reach of online content while still tapping into the excitement and empathy of speaker-driven events.