Making the Complex World of Data Entertaining & Relatable 

ThoughtSpot’s powerful AI-driven software allows users to explore and slice data quickly. But despite the user-friendly nature of the platform, data analytics itself can still seem overwhelming. Having worked with ThoughtSpot previously on their annual Beyond Conference, they asked us for help refining their messages and visualizing the value of their platform in clear and relatable ways.

Making Data More Approachable for Banking

ThoughtSpot recognized the banking industry could uniquely benefit from their technology, but the question was, "how could we help banking professionals easily see ThoughtSpot as a solution to their challenges?"


In-depth research gave us a look at how AI-powered analytics could help banking specialists better serve their clients. Guided by these insights and our deep understanding of the ThoughtSpot brand, we focused on expanding the brand identity to allow for character animation. This approach would support a flexible visual system and more human-centric stories.


    After script iterations to dial in the right positioning and personality, we produced a 2-part digital campaign that included an advertising spot and demo. Each showcases the new character animations and highlights ThoughtSpot's robust banking intelligence capabilities. The two pieces perform well together as a campaign but also work independently.

    Leftchannel is fantastic for us. The work and how it represents the ThoughtSpot brand has not only exceeded my expectations for a partnership like this, it simply makes me happy in a way that is hard to qualify.
    – Scott Holden, CMO at ThoughtSpot

    Harnessing the Power of Cloud

    Following the success of the banking campaign ThoughtSpot asked us to design communications for additional products and market segments.



    ThoughtSpot needed to highlight the advantages of their technology when combined with cloud data sources. Building on the design foundation from banking, we produced a family of cloud-specific animated pieces.


    The central spot portrays professionals from various industries gaining faster insights from their cloud data with ThoughtSpot AI-driven search. A series of correlating animated gifs reinforce cloud benefits in entertaining ways.


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    Designed for Progress

    From elevating ThoughtSpot innovations to communicating the platform’s benefits for marketing and business professionals, we’ve designed a versatile family of nearly a dozen uniquely ownable motion content elements. The pieces have become part of the ThoughtSpot identity.




    The ability to evolve and act quickly is a must in ThoughtSpot’s world. The collaboration between our teams has helped evolve the message, make the technical entertaining, and tell stories in more effective ways.



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